FMARA Race Report- 3-13-10

The Florida Midget Auto Racing Association (FMARA) started their season on Saturday night March 13th at Charlotte County Motorsports Park in Punta Gorda with Sarasota’s Ted Durfee winning the first feature of the year. Durfee was followed to the finish line by veteran Jack Duffy also of Sarasota. Riverview’s Jay Stutz was third followed by Jamie Barnum of Spring Hill in fourth and Ray Smith of Lehigh Acres in fifth. Durfee also was the winner of the heat race.

Finish Order:

  1. Ted Durfee #26, Sarasota, FL
  2. Jack Duffy #1, Sarasota, FL
  3. Jay Stutz #6, Riverview, FL
  4. Jamie Barnum #7, Spring Hill, FL
  5. Ray Smith #17, Lehigh Acres, FL
  6. Chris Gimmler, Winter Park, FL
  7. Mike Belusar #30, Punta Gorda, FL
  8. Nick Speidel #21, Muncie, IN
    Geoff Styner #5, Cape Coral, FL DNS

Next race for the FMARA will be at Charlotte County Motorsports Park in Punta Gorda on March 27.

I enjoyed the show. I only came for the TQ’s and sprints. Too bad you can’t turn out more of the TQ’s but the cars that were there put on a good show.

I hadn’t seen Jack Duffy run since he was in a modified up north and I think ARDC’s Doug Craig also ran with you folks a few years back. Young Gimmler did a good job for his first time out and I liked that older Edmunds style hood. Wish more of them (as well as the full midgets and sprints) still carried them. They were heavier and a lot tougher to repair but they had nice lines.


Here are the top three

Here are pictures of the top three was a good race

and one of 16 year old Chris Gimmler


Robert- please email me. I lost your email address! I need to talk to you about something.
Geoff Styner