[SIZE=“3”]Was so nice to meet Ab195 and Frasson last night .
Sorry I couldn’t visit with you guys a little longer.Hope you had a great time and hope you come again.[/SIZE]

That must have been the guy’s waiting outside the gate hounding me for an autograph.

tell me more!

How was the car count?
Did you TRY this week?

NO, the two guys waiting outside the gate were Deputies. They should have gone into the pits and got you… they never thought you’d run thru the woods out to the hard road. They said something about “Next Time”.

AUTOGRAPH ??? Hell they can’t even read after a few beers…:sprachlos020:
They were probably looking for a few ‘free’ beers :ernaehrung004:

All kidding aside…They are good people :engel016:

-Ge Umm-

[QUOTE=RSB;44286]How was the car count?
Did you TRY this week?[/QUOTE]

6 Pure Stocks

9 Bombers

8 Sportsmen


4 Hornets

Looked like he tried !!!

The 39 ,12 ,7 , put on a hell of a good battle for the lead !!!

It wasn’t me!! I’m being framed!! I did find out just how hard it is for an old fat guy in a fire suit to hitch a ride at midnight on an old country road. But I did learn that I should NEVER go to the bar with those guy’s!!! It looked like we had about the same amout of fans in the stands as last week, 400-500. There were about 10 Super Late Models, 10 or so Sportsmans, 6 Pure Stocks and I don’t know about the rest. I won the Pure Stock heat and finished 3rd in the feature and before the right front tire started going down the car handeled well. But man what a feature race we had. Wayne Anderson won the Super’s and Prescott won the Sportsmans. Every class put on a great show. Hope you can join us next week RSB.

Another Double Daily-Double-----------------

Call it the Twin-Quinella, that is 4 Raceways only a week apart, and that means road trips and stories. I didn’t do much for Speedweeks, so I’ll make it up with short road trips such as this. And this-here track chasing thing might soon slow down somewhat, as work is picking back up again.

Ron Abney was right about that Lake City asphalt track; the cars come flying off of the corners, and from what I saw about this 1/2 mile asphalt Raceway, the corners are very wide, not paper-clipped, and the banking drops quickly comming out onto the straights. I like the layout of Columbia Raceway. It is well lit, hurricane-proof grandstands, nice folks all around, and the price was right. There was an actual pulse throughout the place, and I know that I’ll be back for future shows. Glad it’s alive again; saved from the ruins.

Just a mere 8 minutes up the road was the Lake City Dirt track, and man, it was rocking! Shuttling back and forthe between the two tracks, it was my first time their, also. A big 3/8th miler, maybe even a 4/10 miler, racey raceway, and turns 1 and 2 are very much higher than turns 3 and 4. Great turnout of machines, and crowd, too. This Raceway too, was saved from the ruins, and that’s nice to know.

Nickle & Dime, and N.FlJoyce, hope to talk to you all soon.