i got new question and be honest - speak up

first ever body knows economy is bad lets see if the owner or drive will tell the truth

i don’t care if you got a 4 cycl race car you tow to the track with a rope and you race for free or a throphy you might be smartest racer of all

but tell me what class of car you race and guess how much money you have in it from start be honest plus what do you tow it with and trailer ’ add that

then take how much it takes you to go to races that night pay fuel to get to races fuel for race car entry fee buy four tires and if you win a regular show

Most everyone races to have fun, not make a living. We all have alot of money in our toys, most often too much. No matter what someone races, 4cly or late model, most of the time it is all they are comfortable with. They are all proud of their cars, and they should be. Thank goodness we have all the different kinds of people, so we have so many classes of cars. We all need to say thanks to all the owners, because without them, we would have no tracks. So to all you owners we take money out of your pockets each week, THANKS. See ya at the races.


you get to a point where the fun is priced out of it.

i was not trying to embrass any one just make a point

thanks to the owner for working his tail off to give us a place to race - have fun - enjoy our self and keep a lot of young people off the streets that would other wise probably be out getting in trouble .

and to some of racers that maybee have ran off other racers with there high dollar cars . i did not think any one would come close to telling any one how much they spent on there car it’s there bussiness

but here is were the problem lies . the guy in 4 cycl that wins all races has spent so much on his car he could have built a late model . and some of people don’t want to race against some of them any more so they just stay home

and guy in 4 cycl says well i can’t drive late model … why not you have been driving 4 cycl for 35 years

and some of guys in street stocks have enough money in them to run in sportsman or late model also . and beginner that is starting out in sportsman cause he don’t want to run in lower class has to run with late models that can’t run with late models so some of those guys that have been racing forever are racing in class were they can win cause they can’t win in any thing else

so after a few times the new guy quits now his car is on jack stands

there is nothing wrong in racing what you can afford

and i think it is fantastic to see a driver like l-j grimm go from a sports man to and open wheel and come from back to front then go to citrus and win a race and run second in feature . just like the young brandon morris racer

and not to cut any one short the open wheel class has some of the best drivers in state of florida it don’t matter which track you go to either auburndale - citrus - charlotte county - and 4 cars from desota speedway or new symnara they don’t get any better for compettion

i want to see a 100 lap open wheel with fastest 20 cars start a main then have a b consy 30 laps take top four you would probably draw 45-50 cars

so you would probably have have four heats for other cars left then take winner out of each race thats four start twenty eight cars fifty dollar entry fee vote for which track stop lap 50 fuel don’t count yellow if spin out 3 times you’r out if you’r sent to rear three times you’r out and do it like two day week end camping and practing auburndale or citrus or were ever

gentlemen start your bitchinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn:smilie_bett::smilie_bett:

Im with you Ron!

the OWM drivers are awesome! we need to find a way to get them all together for a 100 lap race! wow!!! the junk yards will love us huh? J/K
you are too funny Ron… Miss ya
carolwicks aka OZ :huepfen024:

carol i don’t know any thing about junk yards

i can’t think of any thing on an open wheel that comes out of a junk yard ever thing that bolts on them things comes from race car engeering mr steve doer or what ever other local speed shop jimmy copes or who ever if you got the money you can buy it race ready tear it up and . you or them can put it back together fun fun fun

if you ever get a chance look at one up close and if some one will let you look under it you will be amazed see ya


you misunderstood me my friend. I meant that 20-30 OWM’s running 100 laps would most likely be a crash fest and those gorgeous cars would then be junk. I was also just having fun with you… :wink: you know I love those cars! wish i could have one to drive around town…lol