All proceeds to Jack!

I just got a call and I have a sponsor for my fuel at citrus so all proceeds from the video go to the Jack Smith family. Thank you Jesus!!!

Good job Bob!!! Had a long talk with Jack last night and he told me things are coming along well and he wants everyone to know he really appreciates everything that is being done for him. Seems like it was just yesterday we were all heading to Alabama to go racing, time sure flies by.


what an awesome display of generosity from the fine folks of Charlotte County Motorsports Park. This weekend will be their contribution night for Jack and his family. Reading all the things people are doing is so heart warming. Jack is aware and he is so greatful to all who have helped. Thank God he is making a nice recovery from this part of his health issues. He has a long way to go. Thank you all for the acts of kindness and generosity!
carolwicks aka OZ

I just talked to Jack a few minutes ago and he is in fine spirits. We were joking around and he was laughing out loud. Sounded like the old jack we remember. Its good to see him doing so well. We’ll keep lifting him up. God is GOOOOD! Bob…