Do you have any racing safety topics you would like to see covered?

Greetings all.

I’ve asked once before and it worked out very well, so here goes again.

As you know we have our Safety Editor, and second in the points with the Eagle Jet International Checkered Flag Sprint Series, Scotty Adema write regular safety articles for you racers. And Scotty actually enjoys it when he gets ideas for articles directly from other racing types.

Do you have any topics you would like to see us cover that we haven’t? Any ideas are warmly welcomed.

Here’s a link to our formal request on our website, but you can leave your ideas/comments right here in this thread.


The truth behind the IMPACT story.
As far as safety goes the major thing I see when checking cars is BAD welds or BAD mounting of seat belts in the lower classes.

The Impact story…will we ever know the truth?

I’ve talked to a few people about this one. Apparently Mr. Simpson’s bone of contention with the labels was that they were flammable. Kind of ironic that. Of course you have the other side of the fence saying you have to use their labels otherwise they can’t track who is certified and who isn’t. Makes sense.

And quite frankly if Impact could go out and make “fake labels” what’s to stop other companies from doing it? Then as a racer how would you know if your firesuit had a real label or a fake label?

Was it worth the PR damage to go out and get their own labels done? I guess time will tell…