Are you Ready - Team Car Warz Set for this Saturday at Desoto Super Speedway

Saturday, April 10th at Desoto Super Speedway, Team Car Warz will put on their first show. This is an open show for anyone and everyone to enter. It will be a TV pilot for this up coming year. Everyone is invited to run the show…be on TV…come join the enduro and win all the money. There will be skid car racing, flag pole racing, appliance racing, boat/trailer racing, bus racing and demo. Join the group and have some fun. Become a TV star that you can tell your grandchildren about.

[SIZE=“4”]Gates Open @ 5pm[/SIZE]

it must going to be a really big show we have sold

a lot of cars for the desota car wars - sprint car drivers - modified drivers - late model a bunch of dirt track drivers are planning on going

kyle bronson and all his dirt crew will be there and three truck loads of 5-a -towing will be there so if you want to see some crashing and bashing

come on down to desota car war warz :huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024:

this week end ======================

Remember, this is a pilot show for a new tv reality show and it is going to be great. Plenty of cars, plenty of crashing and bashing, plenty of fun.