David Rogers at Pensacola

I hope everyone can keep David Rogers in their thoughts this weekend. He was in a very hard crash at Pensacola and although he is ok, one look at the crash and you know he’ll be hurting. I am so happy to hear he is ok since if you get to see the photos it looks very scary.
I can’t wait to see the number 11 back on the track as soon as he and his crew can put it together.

Looks to me like maybe the throttle hung open.


that photo is so scary. Im very happy David is ok. Looks like he had an angel riding with him. Dave… you are in my thoughts and prayers… God bless…
carolwicks akaq OZ

Get well soon

Dave, we sure hope your feeling alittle better than what we think. It was a hard hit. Stay low and relax. Our prayers are with you and remember you can come back and win again. Your one of the BEST!