The Karnac After party Saturday at Citrus :)

I think the After party last Saturday at a local establishment in Citrus county may have been just as good as the race’s well at least for a few of the Karnac regulars.

Some of the regulars like Bob (Florida Video) Jim (Ocala 76) Andy S Rex Boneman and Straight up. All took the stage for a little after race fun, and lucky for you guys I was there when Bob put down his camera and captured it for all of your viewing pleasure.

Not sure any of them will be allowed back in Citrus County though.

here you go :


ROBERT! I thought we agreed we weren’t going to reveal that. LOL!

Jeeeeze Main…

You got me in the dog house now for sure…
I told my wife I was goin’ to my Moms’ house and I would be home LATE…:sprachlos020:

Dat wuz sume funny chit though…Thanks :ernaehrung004:

Sorry guys

OSF offered me a lot of money to put up the video LOL

glad you liked it

[QUOTE=sunshinestateracing1;45220]OSF offered me a lot of money to put up the video LOL[/QUOTE] :sprachlos020:

Make sure his check clears(if you ever get it) before you go on a spending spree…:aetsch013:

Nice moves there Jim, didn’t know you had that in you. But nice moves!!!

dam ! roflmmfao ! i cant even comment on that one !

who would ever thought

Straight up is speechless LOL

and hey Jim he did not give me a check but paid me in what I now find out are fake powerball tickets. Heck there for a minute I thought I was gonna be rich and build a race track for all of us to run LOL



I understood Boneman was done with KARNAC!! (His own words!!)

Hey Tunafish Salad

Do youse see any comments here from the boneman??
Nope, didn’t think so.:smilie_bett:

good one Robert ! yep ive been slackin lately ! stay tuned ! lol !


That is too funny!!! Hey Boney! ya need to take that shirt off more often. Didnt know ya had such a fine bod! Jeff… gotta move those hips! you wont make it on dancin with the stars…
Bobert… ya gonna have a damn stroke hangin out with that motley crew! Andy! Hows your back? hahaha
Too funny… thanks for the giggles! Needed it.
Higginbothersome. Dont worry about Virginia… shes gonna love the new you!
carol aka OZ

That clip is a little misleading though…A few of us have traded our six pack abs for a ‘keg’…:sprachlos020: :ernaehrung004:

I was gonna say Jimbo, I ain’t had abs like that since I was 19. If then!!! Bobert! Per OZ

PS: He did well covering up my black eye!!