Inside Florida Racing Radio Returns

May 7, 2010

KARNAC Media Release

The Inside Florida Racing radio show is soon to be back, bringing with it a whole new attitude.

Wednesday, May 19th, Real Racin? USA will air a brand new edition of Inside Florida Racing hosted by Jack Smith and Rick Anges. Guests for the show, which will air live on the Internet 7-9 PM, include Promoter of the Year Don Rehm, Charity Truckers 200 promoter Rick Bristol, Rick Day will share his new vision for Columbia Motorsports Park and racer Rex ?Boneman? Hollinger. Old friend of KARNAC and Real Racin? USA Scott McAllister will guest host along with Rick and Jack.

?It is time to get back to work?, said Jack Smith. ?We have taken off a long time dealing with health issues, and even though we are not out of the woods yet, I am hankering to get back in the racing game.? Real Racin? USA creator Jack Smith underwent several major back surgeries earlier this year and is currently undergoing treatment for cancer.

?We are going to approach the show a little differently, less guests and more in depth interviews with drivers, promoters and racing personalities?, Smith stated.

Real Racin? USA has hundreds of past shows archived, including coverage and interviews from Florida stock car racing, drag racing, boat racing, motorcycle racing, NASCAR, Hooters ProCup, ASA and other series. These shows can be heard anytime by searching the Real Racin? USA web site.

The show on May 19 will be broadcast live from the Marriott Hotel in Largo, a stone?s throw from the old Sunshine Speedway.

The Inside Florida Racing radio show can be heard by going to and clicking on Listen Live! links.

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Two AWESOME good news stories!

So happy you guys will be back with the radio shows. I am also happy you will emphasize promoting the drivers and help them in a positive way. Good luck.
The other GREAT news is knowing confidently that Kevin and Mike will be the new owners of PUNTA GORDA SPEEDWAY!!! and I think having Greg in charge is a good choice. He has been loyal for many years and I know he will give it his all.
New beginnings with old friends. Doesnt get much better! I wish all of you the very best and will pray your decisions will help our short track racing. With positive attitudes and people who really care about our sport I think things will head in a better direction.
carol wicks aka OZ

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I can not wait this is great news. I really miss the shows.

Great interviews about great racing, glad you are bring it back for us Jack.


:sport009: :sport009:

That goes for me too. I am glad to see the show come back. It sounds like its going to be better than ever. Good Job. Bob…

Looks like I know what I am doing on Weds. night!! Great news!!

[B][I]Jack Smith and Rick Anges back on the air. A few months ago I was worrying that this would never happen again and now here we go… Whew…

Whats really great are the guests on this show starting out with our good friend Scott McCallister or Scotty Mac as I call him. Scott and I co-hosted the first Racin’ Talk Radio Show back in '99.

Rick Day wow what can you say about him, just when you think he is gone he just jumps right back in with both feet. Rick and I have been friends since back in the SARA Days.

The first time I met Rick Bristol he was the announcer at Sunshine Speedway. From go karts to trucks Rick has been helping people for a long time and thats something thats hard to find now a days.

The story that Gene Lasker tells of our other guest Don Rehm is just inspiring. Also the sprint car shows that this quiet man has put togther over the years are unforgettable. He doesnt always say alot but what he has to say sticks with you.

And our final guest “Boneman”. When Jack asked me about doing this show I told him I would under one condition, that Rex was there, I think most know why. So it was written so it was done…

Yes it will be a night you will not want to miss and I’m sure that most won’t. I’m really looking forward to it, this is going to be fun…


I think most know why
Gee, I wish I knew why!

Lets see how this adds up: Jack, Scott, Don, Rick, Rick and Rick. Six of them and one of me…yeah, that is about enough for an even fight!

Kidding aside, I wouldn’t miss something as cool as Jack’s triumphant return show! I’ll get to hang out with some big shots in the Florida short tracking world, and I bet it will bring out the best in us: ideas and direction for our sport, unity and hopefullness for Jack’s good health, and maybe even a laugh or two. Gonna be cool!


Good selection of guests to start us off. and Rex… you ARE one of the racings “big shots”!.. you have always shown a positive outlook and never too busy to help in any way. You are fun, you are educated, and you are one of my best friends! We are blessed to have you in our sport and in our lives.
Don Rehm has not had it easy and he never gives up… another awesome guy. Scotty!!! YAHOO and same for the Rick Day… Rick Bristol who devotes so many many days, weeks, and months helping others. A very special person!
As for Jack, Rick, Bill and numerous hosts… you never give up!!! Like the ever ready batteries… ya just keep on going! JACK!!! i will kick your silly butt if you push yourself too far… you still need time to heaL. Take some baby steps before you jump in!
Mother Theresa… lol
God bless all of you for “keepin us in the loop!”
carolwicks aka OZ

It is allmost here

It is almost here tune in Wednesday night