Solution To Plug The Oil Leak

[SIZE=“5”][B]A simple solution to plug the Gulf oil leak.

(And a perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone)


Too funny!

I was thinking the same thing, but thought about the filthy fat of that pussy Rush Limbugh and Sean Hannity, all seven(7) chins between them both, and the rolls of globulous stomach fat they each have. Let’s flush them Assholes in there too. They are soooooo conservative…NOT… as we look at their weight, among other things, which is huge. No conservation here at all, LOL.

Triple chins, fat asses, rolls of fat on their guts, fat cheeks, bad teeth, huge theighs, sweating and fatty arms.

Fenton, you shouldn’t be among them. You are better than that.


So, waddya’ think Fenton…skinny conservative man that you are.
Oh, that’s right, you look and sound just like Rush and Sean. Let’s just flush your fat triple-chinned-industrial sized cancer-ridden ass along with them down into that hole.
All of your fat, along with Limbaugh and Hannity stomach rolls and fat ass theighs just might be enough to stop the thing.:huepfen024:

and you call yourself a consevative–you make me sick, you asshole–

[B]Way way too many beers there Roger me thinks.

A little note here: “IT’S A JOKE”…kinda like this President of ‘yours’.



It's all Bushes fault.JPG

[SIZE=“4”]Aaaahhh Mills, the chronic bitcher & complainer with no solutions.

Soooo, off your meds or just drunk again?

Either way, I love it when I touch the chord of a Libtard.

Especially one that typically brings a knife to a
gunfight with a level of intelligence such as yours.

I see you?re using the same spellcheck feature
that Abney uses. Ya know there?s one that really
works right there on your computer.

Oh yeah, come to think of it, that would require a
just the basic level of computer skills so I know
I?ve likely already lost you on this one.

[QUOTE=ocalasp76;46354][B]Way way too many beers there Roger me thinks.

A little note here: “IT’S A JOKE”…kinda like this President of ‘yours’.

[SIZE=“4”]Go easy on him Gee-um, he just received bad news
yesterday on an MRI as a result of his recent headaches.

Cheer up though Mills. There?s a simple solution out
there for your affliction, and it would only take a few
minutes in your case.

I won?t lower myself to your level Mills on the
personal attack thing.

I know that someone who has to resort to name-calling,
personal attacks on size & weight, cussing, etc. just after
a few short posts doesn?t have a huge mental portfolio to
pull from.

At this juncture, it would normally be appropriate for me
to say that it didn?t take you long to shoot your wad.

However, given the fact that the one time we?ve met
not too long ago, and my political persuasions
(sorry for the long words) were well known to you at the time,
you were nothing but friendly and cordial to me, now makes
clear to me what you really are ? a Eunuch.

This condition of course would then render you physically
incapable of performing the aforementioned bodily function.



when fenton talks e.f hutton will listen olny the brain dead will get passed by carry on big jim we will follow off to the beer stand now in time it will make the so called white house look good bottoms up an i will drink to that