Who's This Driver??

[SIZE=“4”]OK there old time Tampa Bay Racing fans and trivia buffs,
who?s in the #15 Sportsman car pictured here:

A few clues:

  1. These shots are at Sunshine Speedway,
    Circa ? early 60?s.

  2. This driver went on to drive Sprint Cars on
    occasion but was most notable with his
    accomplishments later on in Late Models
    primarily at both Sunshine & Golden Gate
    as well as other tracks around Florida.

  3. Kenny Alderman ? this should be a slam-dunk for you.


I really don’t know. If the photos were more clear, maybe I could figure it out. I don’t think it is one of my relatives. Number 15 could be a Riddle. It almost looks like Billy Gill.

[SIZE=“4”][B]DING…DING?DING…DING…you nailed it Kenny.

It is indeed Billy Gill.

I was quite surprised when I ran across this shot of
him driving this car back in the early 60?s.

At first I thought the car was a jalopy but he?s on
track with the Sportsman cars so I assume it?s a
Sportsman car also.

Here’s the one shot again without the name blacked-out.


I think it is a modified because I think it has three carbs. When I think of Billy, not only was he a great driver, but very helpful to me in my early racing days. I met his youngest son Steve at Desoto a couple of months ago. He seemed to be just as nice a man as his Dad. He thinks Billy is about 80 now.

[SIZE=“4”]Yes, agreed on the great driver opinion
as well as being a good man.

Actually, as you may or may not remember, there was a time
after I first broke into the Late Model ranks in 1974 that he
and I had a hell of a rivalry going for the LM Championship.

I remember getting so upset with him at Sunshine one night
when he spun me off of Turn 2 in the feature that I kept it
gassed-up through the first revolution, then got it pointed
through the infield on the Figure Eight track and tried to
T-bone him on the front chute when he came off of turn 4,
but missed him completely and drove right into the front
straight-away wall.

Not one of my finer moments and matters worse, resulted
in several days missed work with my hospital stay.

However a few years later when the chips were down,
he among many others stood up to the well for which
I will be eternally grateful.