Still at it! Jack Ingram

At 70 years old, 3 time Busch Series Champion “Iron Man” Jack Ingram is still competing in the late model stocks at Lonesome Pine Speedway. Now how cool is that?

wow ! now thats awesome !

[SIZE=“3”]Rightfully, Ingram is among 25 nominees
selected for the 2011 NASCAR HOF class.

Jack Ingram nominated for NASCAR HOF

I think he and Richie Evens should get in to the hall this go around!!! They did just as much for NASCAR in their series they raced in as anyone in my book anyway.

Think Ingram is old?

Hey Boneman!

Alfred Hill is 74 years old and is still competitively racing a NASCAR Tour Type Open Wheel Modified at Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, NC.

He is currently tied for 6th in points with Jon Boy Brown. Not bad for a 74 year old.

I wish I had the issue in front of me, but a few years ago in Circle Track there was an atricle about a 81 year old guy who raced, and often won, twice a week. He was a dirt short tracker from Alabama (I think), who not only drove, but built and also hauled his car! To top it off, he was married to a 33 year old woman. Damn, that guy is my hero!

That is so cool to know that guys like Alfred Hill can still get it done.

I spoke to Jack briefly today and he says the crowd was nuts at Lonesome Pine because of his nomination… Says his phone doesn’t stop ringing… The only thing that bothers him is NASCAR only seems to want to credit him with two Busch championships and leaves out the three NASCAR LMS championships he won…

there was no reason david pearson did not get in first pick

but being as it was the house france built enough said . let’s see bobby allison . cale yarbourgh. and jaws what happens to them this time