More Air Times are Announced for Ladies of Demolition Derby

Besides the July 22nd airing at 10 pm on TLC, you can also see it on the 23rd at 12 am, 25th at 1 pm, 29th at 7 pm and the 30th at 2 a.m.

Enjoy and be sure to catch the show!!!

thanks jane

Jane have you ever seen a demolition derby with all woman. NOT VERY GOOD. just a fact. But thanks for the info:)

Nope, never seen an all lady demo but I use to love the powder puff races that Orlando and New Smyrna ran so I am sure that I will enjoy this one also. Even if you aren’t a fan, I am sure there will be quite a few who will check it out just to check it out. Just wanted to give them info on when they could.

Too bad they don’t have powder puffs like they use to because those were some good races. Not sure Chad Pierce would agree since my daughter once wrecked his winning super stock in one but he wasn’t mad and she did really good in them, just got over confident in that one. But they were fun.

Have a great week!!!:):):slight_smile: