Ladies of Demolition Derby Tonight

Don’t forget “The Ladies of Demolition Derby” airs tonight on TLC at 10 pm.

Hope you enjoy the show!!!:huepfen024::huepfen024:

I watched it at midnight and it wasn’t worth losing sleep over. Just a bunch of screaming and yelling like carpocolypes was. Should have known Chuck and Don had something to do with it. Ray#62

what did you think JANE?

Good to see Jim Mann from MASS he is a good derby guy. And did Don loose all his teeth? :smilie_bett:

I did see it at 10 and yes, it was on again at 12. Sorry you were disappointed Ray but I am sure alot of people did like it and some people didn’t. And Moe, you would have to ask Don about his teeth, I really don’t know. But I am sure he would gladly answer you if you asked him.

Car Warz will soon head out-of-state for awhile - Motordome, Lanier, Holland and back to Ocala in September. So if you want to see a live show, you need to go to Ocala. Hopefully I can make that one and then your Crash-A-Rama at Orlando Moe. At least, I am going to try my best to make both.

Have a great weekend. I am praying for lots and lots of rain here on Merritt Island. We are bone dry and brown and need some rain. I know Orlando doesn’t but we sure do. But have fun whatever you do this weekend.

that show was kewl it needed 2 thing plus it is carpoclyps for woman
#1 Misty “the bikini racer”
#2 instead of the green momba A FORDZILLA THE CROWD THRILLER STUNT

weel im kinda disaponited iwas boring they should done another show like the other one. Maybe done Old guys…“Moe” vs young guys…“me” lolol:cool008:

CRASH A RAMA series for real demolition derbys

OCTOBER 23 LAKE CITY C.M.P. CRASH A RAMA series night of fire.

I bet they had to censor every other word from those rednecks. “Beeeep you, you damn beep, beeeeping piece of beep”.

It must have sounded like the stand up comics on B.E.T.

you hit the nail on the head Boneman, so now you don’t have to watch it. Ray#62

bring MISTY BAck