Auburndale Enduro Race

Saturday Night July 31, 100 lap Enduro will consist of 4-6 and 8 cyl. cars together.
All cars must be stock.
20 or more cars will run 100 lap
$50 Entry fee
1st $1,000.
2nd $500
3rd $250

Less than 20 cars 50 lap
$50 Entry Fee
1st $500
2nd $250
3rd $125
For any other information call Rex at 863-287-4344

any wheel or tire size limit.

8 inch wheels or 7’s
70 series tire or any DOT

Huggie Bear… Just call Rex… He’ll get you set up… We want a BIG field!!

I hope they stick to the no racecar rule and make it a true enduro. Could be alot of fun with alot of cars.

Talked to Rex Guy today he said
:any car may run as long as the motor and transmission and suspension is Completely and absolutely stock.
:Interior may be removed, all glass MUST be removed,windshield can be replaced with lexan.
:Roll cage and fuel cell is OK.
: No 8 inch wheels. 7 inch max
: 70 series tire limit.

We gonna see you there William?

sure will I have an enduro car and derby car

How many cars are expected for the enduro?

How many::question::question: