SHAQ vs.

Anyone watch Jr. race Shaq last night ?

Thanks Shaq for acknowledging that racers are atheletes too.
(He had to lay down on the ground after getting out of the car after practice)

Some of us are in SHAPE !!

Round is a shape , right ?:


Watched it last night and couldn’t believe he had to get out of the lay on the ground. We thought it was interesting how the car had to be changed just so Shaq could fit into the car. Made us think of a very large bandelero for him since the roof had to pop open. Dale Jr. did get close to Shaq the one time he passed him on the second race.

that was the tallest man i ever seen in a race car

his knees were all most in the wind shield looked like they had tried to put a fat flap on door and that did not work so they put a roof flap that was cool

i think shaq did good job enjoyed the show when jr got close to him shaq should have spun him :huepfen024:

I hope Jr enjoyed the win, it is the only driver he can beat. :aetsch013: