hendry speedway is having school bus racing this weekend

come on out to hendry speedway and check out those wild and crazy school bus racing on dirt the only dirt track in florida that races buses on dirt right now so be there or be bored

Last time was a blast…


That was a blast the last time they ran them. I was amazed at how well a couple of them ran as they where side by side for a number of laps. I plan to be there, hope to see some of you there… Look for the fat man in the stands with a video camera…


How many buses and can you bring your own ? What’s the payout Thanks


You would want to call Racing Jason at 239-645-5858 to find out that information.

Hope you come out…


actually concerning the buses ull have to call us 941 447 0680 but for everything else concerning hendry… racing jason is the guy to call… we are the owners of the buses no other buses but mine are allowed to race at hendry its the same group of buses that used to race at charlotte county before the new owners took over

hey big guy with the camera next time we r out there just stop by our buses after the race if you want to check out those buses up close or to say hey…

will try and post the next bus date when i find out about it…

follow me on twitter @SchoolBusRacing for more info, videos, and pics and such about our bus racing team

sponsors available we are planning on racing at least 1 bus at desoto… and auburndale maybe more tracks if racing budget allows it

the more fans that comes to hendry to watch the bus races the more buses will be able to race for the fans it all depends on the payouts to cover the expenses of those buses basically the bigger the crowds are at hendry the more buses get to race

top 3 result from last race

#1 charlene volk
#2 james volk
#3 amy jones

the more fans that comes out to hendry speedway to watch the bus races the more buses will get to race it all depends on the payout basically the bigger the crowds the more buses gets to race

top 3 result from aug 14th race

#1 charlene volk
#2 james volk
#3 amy jones

Hey… Thanks for the invite… Sorry to say as late as it was when it was over I was ready to go, hour plus drive to get home.

It was funny watching that shorty bus trying to kick it side ways up high, more buses would have been better or more closer matched buses, it looked like that shorty bus could have lapped the field if he really pushed it.

Hope to see them again there, will try to stop by after wards if not too late.

:huepfen024: next bus race is aug 28th yes we r racing again in 2 weeks :huepfen024:

i drove the zebra bus im the only guy that really has any real experiences with racing those buses (raced at sunshine, desoto, charlotte, and hendry) didnt think it would be a good show if i lapped everybody so i figured ill try and ride the high lane and put on a show for those fans

i know how u feel about those long drives… i live in bradenton 20 min away from desoto yeah its a long haul to hendry but at least with hendry you know u will get to watch some great racing actions with the occasional mayhem!

again… we are racing at hendry speedway on aug 28th be there or be bored u never know what will happen in bus racing especially on dirt!

At one point, I had my own bus and drove it to Speedworld to race. Why are only the busses you own allowed to run? It does not seem like a good idea to limit the competition like that. If the word gets out, some fans might get turned off if they think the whole thing is a set-up. Besides, the racing is better when experienced, competitive drivers are going at it for a win.

yes i know u used to race a bus i saw some pictures of it on your website a while ago why did you stop? was it too :eek: for u?

some tracks can handle 20+ buses some track cant handle that many so with a 1 owner of a fleet they will be able to control how many buses gets to run depending on how big the crowds are to be able to cover the payout for the buses we usually let racing veterans of other class races for us but aug 14th was a last minute notice but like i said u never know what to expect when those bus races

heres the link to the flyer for aug 28th race copy and print it if your planning on going


even bubba the love sponge is going to be there

come on out to hendry because if everything works out ull get to watch bubba the love sponge race a bus