Indy Racing to Return to Las Vegas--

Las Vegas hosted CART/Champ Car races from 1996 to 2000 at the SuperSpeedway, and 2004,05, and 07 in downtown Las Vegas.
Negotiations are in place to make a 3-day race schedule for Oct 15, 2011 weekend.

Hope it flies, if it happens, I’ll be there. Moved out here to AZ a couple years ago thinking that the racing was gonna be like it used to be with Manzanita and all the neat shows they used to have at PIR like the Copper Classic, the IRL races and such and all of the great non winged sprint car racing they had out here. So as soon as I move out here ISC gets it’s hands on PIR and kills off all the good races and Manzy is now a friggen parking lot for cranes and sprint car and midget racing has just about dropped off the planet! I am the KISS OF DEATH for race tracks I guess!!

Ted, please do NOT come back to Florida, its getting bad without you being here! LOL!!!

Tell me about it!!!