Some OSW Names from the Past

Just found a name list from 1987… Some I remember, some I don’t… brings back memories for sure…

Andy Saffioti (was running LM at the time… does he still have his Mod?)
Granny Tatroe - deceased
Ed Meredith - deceased
Chuck and Don’l Burkhalter, Jr. - Still see them around from time to time…
Dave McCabe - deceased
David Russell - retired and living the life of luxury in Norway LOL…
Ernie Bass - I think he’s still around… always one of my favorite guys…
Buzzy Berry - now known as “Mr. Swap Meet”…
Ted Hodgdon - Last I heard he was a corporate pilot…
Arnold Bovat - 1985 LM champion… still around today… owns a Truck…
Mike Fritts - Figured he could make more money with his mind than his foot!
Johnny Walker - deceased - Remember his “Flying Coke Can”…
Timmy/Mike Todd - The “Todd Squad” - Saw them and Timmy, Jr. at Auburndale - they are putting their car together to run there…
Jim Passino - Was running Dirt Mod up until last year - now building a car to run in DAARA
Skip Honaker - Running Mini Stocks back then…
Carl “Peanut Green” - Now a tech man at Auburndale…
Bobby Sears - We all bow down to the great legend who now owns Rich Clouser’s LM
Billly Hooven - Dad has to quit when the kids wanna race…
Chuck Abell - Had a LLM last I knew…
Butch Carr, Sr. - Still see him around - helps promote the Crash-a-Rama stuff…
Jerry Symons - Ran Mini Stock in '87 - The “Hammer” can still wheel a Mod!
Kelly Jarrett - Remember his “Flying Phone Booth” English Ford - Both his sons now race too…
Joe Nemecheck - Ran a Mazda Mini Stock then won his first ever LM feature at OSW in '87… '92 NASCAR BGN champion… now pretty much a start ‘n parker in Cup…
Milo Vidic - His Opel was something else… Moved to Washington, then came back to Orlando but has never raced…
Fred and Carl Peters - Both their sons are now very good drivers - Saw Fred last week at Auburndale watching son Kyle run his Street Stock… Carl’s son runs at Citrus…
John “Believe It Or Not Ripley” - Had a LM until just recently
Ross Eldridge - Still works on Dave Debelius’ cars…
Dave Debelius - Pretty much retired but his cars still get the job done…
Ray Smith - Saw him not long ago… still comes to the track every so often… Ran A-Bombers, Sportsman, Mods and Figure-8s… His brothers Curtis and Ronnie both ran Sprint Cars…
Bob Dornan - Ran really well in the Bombers but got in trouble with the law… Eventually opened another auto repair shop for awhile but is now confined to a wheelchair…
Donnie Narmore - Saw him at Rick’s Truck race last year…
Michael Williams - Still runs a LM and helps a lot of people…
Rick Johns - Traded his Modified for a boat or something at the beginning of the year…
Bill Loomis - “Bomber Bill” won the Strictly Stock race the other week at NSS and always wins the Flag Pole Race at Crash-a-Rama…
Bruce Gayton - Still runs an E-Mod - His dad Gary also raced…
Russ Thomson - Ran the B-Bombers and later Mods - Now heads up Legends Cars of Florida…
Butch Pierce - FASCAR Guru!! Ran a B-Bomber in '87 - Barbara hadn’t started racing yet… Chad was in elementary school…
Gary Salvatore - Now working with FAST…
Mike Loescher - Still running his Driving School…
Eddie King - Just saw him at Auburndale last month…
Ronnie Roach - Retirement means time for the better things in life LOL

OK - Anybody know anything or the whereabouts of these drivers from 23 years ago?

Bentley Mead
Denzil Cormican
Wayne “Animal” Pawlak
Al Bouchard
Rick Arnold
Wray Schaffer
Robbie Faulk
Gary Southard
Danny Kelly
Harry Mumford
Buddy and Scott Teed
Sid Stites
Junior Purcell
Reggie Anderson
Bobby Lyons
Pete Starr
Jim Briley
Von Crews
Pushrod Grainger
Forrest Mitchell
Mike Ankney
Jeff “Jinx” Moyer
Doug and Steve Lathem
Allan Willard
Buford Clonts
Gene Fuller
George Deese
Jess and Spencer Taylor
Bill Martin
Matt Hruby
Guy Lingo
Dave Lecklitner
Gene Van Alstine
Lawrence Usher
Glen Carter
Allen Rhodes
Tom and Wanda Brock
Leon Williams
Ron Rentfrew
Jack “The Munchkin” Teagle
Billy Pratt
Wayne and Ricky Marshall
Burke Hammond
David Dean
Dan and Jerri Smith - Ran those twin Chrysler Imperials…
Rudy Rudnicki
Guy McRoberts
Tripp Carpenter
Dan Zeak
Jeff Quinette
Donny Funk
Pat Carter
Ralph “Caveman” Jones
Jerry Quates
Charlie Adams
Robert Simmons

I believe Ron Rentfrew is one of David Rogers long time crew members.

Those names bring back a lot of memories, I had been going to Orlando for a few years at that point.

I hope that I am wrong…Dave you usually know these things before anyone…

Didn’t Bobby Lyons pass away last year I think it was?

Pretty much RETIRED!!! Hold on there Dave. Just takin a break. Putting a Mod together for Auburndale, For ME!!! Buford lives in Tennessee not too far from my place. See him every time I go up there (every chance I get!). Been out of racing, but is entered in a 150 lap Enduro at Spring City Raceway this weekend. I have a bet with him that within 6 months he’ll have another car after the enduro. He says NO! Rick Arnold has a Fabrication business on West Washington St. Doing pretty well. Robbie Faulk stills has Ace Wrecker. Jinx owns the car Sean Bass drove in the now defunct ASA South series. Buddy Teed passed away a while back. Burke Hammond is still roofing. Just saw him a few weeks ago. Von Crews, Deceased (heard through the grapevine that they found Ted Head’s stolen Modified at his place). Donny Funk. Still around. Has a small auto repair shop (specializes in K-Cars!).

Pete Starr i know ran some Sportsman races at OSW about 2 years ago. Still around

From 1980-1987, my dad Billy Rouse ran Mini Stocks (Ford Pinto #18) and won the championship in 1984. He retired the year I was born (in 1987).
Now I race and my dad is the crew cheif for my car (Super Stock #18)

Back in the Day

Hey Dave,Al Bouchard is up here in Levy county and still building cars and trying to help get Bronson going when he can.Denny Cormican is in Sparr,near Ocala and works on a lot of mods and LM.Gary Southard is also up the road from me in Bronson and sometimes runs his #39 mod.
Those were some awesome Friday nights back in the day.Just ch’ill’in in Williston,Rick :sport009:

PS I heard Gene Van Alstine won the Lottery about 12 years ago,but cant
confirm it.

Hey “Fireball”, congrats on your win last night, it was great to see you after all this time. Next time I am there I’ll have to stop by and catch up.

I know Dave Lecklitner had a print shop in Kissimmee but that was a while back.

That list brings back a lot of good memories. As for me I moved on to modifieds and now for some reason decided to build a super late.

To answer your question Fireball yes he did hit the lotto not sure what he is up to now.

Skip Honaker