2 sportsman cars for sale

car #1

camaro offset chassis, well built car and FAST, #20 sportsman from OSW and NSS. 9" floater,howe sway bar, hawk pads, pro shocks,#2 spindals, tube uppers, landrum leafs, 16 gallon cell, wilwood pedals and master cylinders, double pass radiator, outlaw body, 602 crate with mcclendon carb( badass carb) 3 speed tranny, hydraulic throw out bearing, 10 1/2in clutch. car holds track record at NSS this year, 8 wins out of 15 races on car. 2nd at auburndale the very first time i ever raced there. have 620,600,514,567,456 gears also, have spares like uppers, spindals, some lowers etc. might sell without motor but idk yet
crate motor only has 5 races on it. $10,000 OBO

car #2

older howe chassis stock camaro clip car. ABC type body, 9" floater, 16 gallon cell, #2 spindals, tube uppers, landrum leaf springs, set up for howe sway bar. car is missing motor and tranny,the brakes, sway bar, shocks, and front springs, and shifter. car has wins at OSW $2500

the pic is of car #1 when new has some racing battle wounds but still looks good. will look for some of car #2.
call with any questions
321-302-5662 thanks



Which car is pictured #1or #2 thanx??

That the 1st one

You should sell me the rims off that 77 :sport009:


Would like to see pics of the Howe #2 keomotorsports@gmail.com THANX

car #2

car #2 pics

no billy i cant right now idk what were gonna do with it yet might sell it too.

might trade roller for roller for a dirt sportsman or street stock idk yet just putting it out there

more pic of 1st car


make offers

Whats the price for the 77?

Whats the price for the 77 rims come hook a brotha up

the super stock isnt for sale yet. might be racing it at volusia in 2 weeks

Private message sent, Justin

will sell the 1st car without motor also.

1st car also has 8in american racers with only one night on them. car #2 has a 514 full spool gear that goes with it.

forgot 1st car has schoenfeld headers and x-pipe, msd rev limiter, sweet steering box, fram element fuel filter, new rci fuel cell and foam, gundrilled axles, ultra lite weight spool, has 620 in it now for auburndale, have gears for almost every track, winters rear end, red top battery, belts are new, revco gauges.

who built the chassis?

Would you sell just the red top battery?:ernaehrung004:

rich pratt built it, still has the stock rear frame rails also.

stock frame rails all the way back?

PM sent 99problems