2006 ultramax

2006 ultramax good kart come with tires spare parts tool set. I have a simpson helment, neck brace. Snow camo body.reason why im sellin is because its time to race stock cars. its a great kart for someone gettin into it, i had a blast in it. 1400 obo email for pics

pics plz pruettkevin@yahoo.com

1200 obo need sell asap. any trades?

what kind of stock car are you looking for i have a modified if your interested
call me 386-235-3759 maybe we can work some kind of trade also have many
parts and couple engines

do u have pics of the modified, is it asphalt or dirt? im real instrested, im 17 years old and dont havemuch mony to spend, could u send me pics of the car on what i could get if trade works out


ill trade you a race ready bomber. a 2.5 pontiac gran am, give me a call 813 445 0645

Can you send pics to testdummy71@aol.com