Street/Pure Stock

Mid 70s Chevelle, 112 wheel base. 602 crate motor with less than 200 laps. Headers, KRC power steering pump, 342 rear gear, 4412 carb, 350 trans, nice gauges recall tach, car will need minor work to finish could be race ready in one day. Seat not included.

Pics of car painted blue are how it sits now. $3200 obo May consider trade for 4 door small car and cash.

Will sell as roller or sell motor separate.

Contact Randy Spicer 727-410-5448

These are additional pictures.

nice! looks alot different! if the openwheels sells i’ll be callin ya!

any trades

1988 bayliner water ready

what kinda car to trade [make] [model]

what kinda car for trade [make] [model]

Is this still available? How much for the motor?

It looks like I have the motor sold.

However the roller is still for sale. Price depends on what you want with it.

Call Randy at 727-410-5448.

Will repost ad if motor deal falls thru.

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do you still have the complete car or just a roller?

How much for roller

I still have the complete car. I have a commitment from someone to buy the motor when they get back in town next week.

Yes I will sell the roller call me to discuss the price it depends what you want with it.

Randy Spicer 727-410-5448 Roller selling range $600 stripped to $1100 ready to drop your motor and trans in.

Roller has been sold. Still have a like new 602 crate motor for sale.

nvm…found your other post…