Maybe we should??!!

Set up Races like Nascar caugh caugh I mean wresteling does matches. get us a few good guys and a S*it load of Heels “Bad Guys” and let them go at it?? let them trash talk on the mic, get into some tussels here and there hell might get some people in the stands. I mean who would not pay to see Barbra Pierce in a mask and Ref shirt breaking up Two Strickly Stock drivers who just lost there savings in turn four wall at NSS?!! but we must get the Two announcers from the Old Ocala days no offense to Mark. we could just make you on track reporter with a camera and a T.V. truck parked on the front stretch…

And who is going to pay for all those cars? Not the drivers.

umm have you never herd of Crash a Rama?? people will bring beater cars for some good fun. sooooo next? please

I think that’s a great idea. A few of us have discussed trying to implement something like that at C.M.P… No one really tunes in to wrestling to watch the matches. If it were’nt for the drama, they would lose interest. They want to see the drama unfold and the trash talking. And when things get really heated, they WILL tune in next week to see what this guy is gonna do to that guy. Theres only one catch. The two that are going at it really need to be friends to a certain degree or things could get out of hand for real.

welcome to the thinking out side of the box club… any other takers? we can even give you a sweet nickname