Street Stock / Bomber Wanted: Lets trade junk

Looking to race at Auburndale, maybe Citrus and Ocala too. Have collected too much stuff and would like to horse trade for a car minus motor. (no horses please) Have a 175 hp bass boat project (runs, needs floors) and a pair of running 125cc dirt bikes. Also have some 441 and 462 chevy heads and other go fast stuff. Call or shoot me an email if interested.

321 331 7100

Streetstock For Auburndale

hey man i see u are looking for a streetstock i have a nice looking camaro streetstock for sale no trades at all this car im selling cheap this car has new paint job new roof racing shifters racing tach racing water temp oil psi racing seat and seat belts needs new wheels and tires then u will be done im asking $3,500 cash NO TRADES

What s the race car in the background ?

That was my old Classic car. I put a falcon body on it to run with the DAARA vintage club. It’s and everything else is sold. Now I have one too many street stocks.