B.S. @ Columbia

I will have to say that Rick Day is the biggest Dumb*** to ever try to run a race track. When you can let a race team start a fight because your so-called officials are as ignorant as he(Rick Day) is, and take 3rd partie information to make a call, disqualify the point leader so you don’t have to pay out full purses because your track is failing due to mis-management, I sure hope Robert Hart is paying attention to the dwendleing car count the 30-40 fans in the stands, and so on, and so on. I know it sounds like I’m cryin a little bit, but when you do all you can to support the track(car shows ect,) and then get sh** on when someone starts throwing punches,and you defend yourself and get punished for doing so iI think it’s B.S.


Think that you should talk one on one with Rick or whoever before you burn the bridge you may have to walk later. If your wright then dont post trash it makes you look wrong.
dont tell them

Don62 sent u

every track has its issues, but we love to race so we indure the bs. this is two sided…

  1. should people get on here and talk trash? thats 50/50

  2. when people get on here and talk trash good,bad or indifferent it usally gets results! sad but true! jmo

wesley what happened?

according to the statement mr . hart made a few weeks ago , i dont think he cares . he said his racetracks are just a hobby to him . pathetic . sorry mr . keller but the disease has spread to cmp . as we all knew it would . rick day had a very good track record and reputation before coming to fascar , but his hands are tied behind his back . im suprised he hasnt left yet .

and rknhvc09 your correct ! since they dont listen to the racers at the track and have no intention of listening , discussions on a public forum tends to get results because it embarrasses them . and yes those who dare speak the truth are hated and blackballed but there comes a time when its far more important to speak out , maybe if enough racers stand up to the bs ,positive change will come . it just gets to the point where theres no sense racing under those conditions . racing is supposed to be fun .

hey w. keller , i realize it may be a longer drive but why dont you stop wasting your efforts with that 3-ring circus and come on down to citrus or auburndale and get back to racing the way it should be ? none of that bs down here ! just good people and great racing .

discussions on a public forum tends to get results
You can believe that one if you want to brother, but I don’t. Message board stuff is consistently and easily ignored. Even I don’t bother typing out ideas or suggestions anymore. If you want to catch their ear, enter a racecar or show up with some money. Cash is the universal language, regardless of the business.

[QUOTE=Boneman;51260]discussions on a public forum tends to get results
You can believe that one if you want to brother, but I don’t. [/QUOTE] Its ignored if its any form of criticism or outside ideas. If you are kissing someones ass or patting someone on the back it tends to be addressed.