Any Ideas Will Help

I was wondering if anyone would like to or know someone who might invest into a race track. I am looking to buy a old track and fit it up so people can injoy the racing that once happened there. I don’t need much just a little to help out with the cost of buying a track.Thank you and have a good day.

any ideas will help

what track?

Right now I am looking at Bronson, because they want $3,900,000 for Desoto and those are the only two tracks for sale in Florida

IF you are serious about this and not just runnin off at the keyboard , a smarter move would be to look into just leasing a track . that way if things dont work out as planned your not stuck with the aftermath . and please if you are serious inquire into leasing new smyrna . bring in all new personel and breath some life into the place . but i would also get a clause written into the lease contract that the track owner or any current or former employees cannot interfere or have ANY involvement with the operations of the track . that way you begin with a clean slate with no prior issues getting in the way . and publisize these changes in your advertising . that way all potential racers and fans know the prior bs is no longer an issue . good luck with your quest !

very good advise the truth perhaps you could look into putnam its a good track with the right managment alot of people would be greatful and good luck

The owner of Bronson said he doesn’t want to lease the track.

9498clay do you have or know were the info is for putnum speedway.

i hope this info helps the site is phone is 1 386 649 4399 address is 1009 hwy17 south satsuma fl 32189 not sure who to talk to but the track has been sittin and its shame to see it go to waste good luck

Putnam County is owned by a gentleman in Saint Augustine by the name of Phil Genovar. I believe you can get in touch with him by calling Dixie Custom Automotive in Saint Augustine.

still looking for investors!!!


the reson bronson onwer wont les is he has be for and has had to pepole drop out of there a greement:)

volusia speedway

this is just wat I heard that volusia speedway is looking for somone to take over the lease asap

I know it is in Alabama but is anyone interested in a sponsorship for Huntsville Speedway?

race track

there used to be a dirt track east of Dothan maybe around hwy 134 that was vacant for a while, they need help

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