Here is a gimmick for you OSW

Its time for double features at Speedworld for the Strictly Stocks. The class is finally getting 20+ cars. They race for free anyway, so a second feature won’t cost anything. Also, they usually run last, and most of the fans never get to see them. Why not open and close the show with this group?

Lots of racers complain “they drop stuff on the track”. I don’t agree, and even if it is true, spend a few minutes cleaning up and get on with the show. The programs at Speedworld are often very anemic, so there is plenty of time for a second good race.

I agree Boneman, Let them race because they are putting on a pretty good show. Maybe let them run two 15 lap sprint races for double the points every Friday night. That might also entice them to do what it takes to race every weekend.