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Looking for some thoughts -

Considering all the history of disagreements between drivers, tech, track owners, and promoters. Would it seem to you like it would be a good idea to have a Drivers Advocate Representative to mediate problems at race tracks ?

Each racetrack could have someone to act as a drivers representative to help solve problems. This person could be elected by vote from the previous years drivers/owners that competed at the individual tracks. The position would be a volunter or maybe even given some track privileges like free entry or whatever.

This idea could expand into a drivers union in some sort of way. Strenght in numbers usually works out well. Peaceful discussions with representation.

If the track owners are working together, something tells me the drivers and car owners need to work together.

If you never hear from me again, the track owners placed a hit on me. :sprachlos020:

I see your theory but I doubt it will work because it is almost too close to making the drivers a union and have a union rep and that would never work. If drivers stick together and speak in numbers and actually work together themselves as one, they might get heard then but if you try and make them like a union and give them a union rep, well, you are only going to make owners mad and you know what happens then, they just tell you if you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

Over the years, drivers have said they would do things to get the attention of the owners but seldom carried thru with it. But just maybe if they did, like not buy gas at the track or not race because they fell it costs too much and do it in a number, they might just get heard somewhat. But as it goes, everyone knows that drivers only want to race and some just don’t care how they do it as long as they do do it. It really is a no win situation then.

Some owners actually do have ears that work and some don’t want to see their track closed down because of lack of fans or drivers. Those are the ones you have a better chance of hearing your concerns. When our gas prices went way up so did racing fuel but then when the price went down, the racing fuel stayed the same and alot of drivers felt this was not right. Actually I have no idea of what a gallon of racing fuel costs but I am sure there is a profit in it and the drivers are the ones who pay that.

There are alot of expenses that go into opening the doors of a track on raceday - payroll, insurance, electricity, purses, etc. and somehow the owner must pay those bills and it seems like most of the payment comes from the backgate at most tracks which is the racer.

This is just my opinion but I would try and talk to the owner if possible with your concerns and if he/she has closed ears, well, then it is your decision whether or not to race or whether or not to race at that track. Obviously alot of racers have decided none of it is worth it because they aren’t racing and selling their cars and having to say goodbye to what they love. And to me, that is very, very sad.

Like I said, I see you theory but I just don’t see it working but maybe if the drivers get together as one and try and speak, maybe someone will hear them.

I hate to see anymore tracks go under but I am afraid that is just what we may see in the next few years if some things don’t change.

Good post Jane…

glad to hear you tell it like it is… good job and thank you…we dont always agree but one thing we always agree on is whats best for racing and especially for our drivers who are the REAL reason for this sport.

UNION is an ugly word in the state of FL. And I say this as a proud union member. It would go over like a Bandolero 100 lapper with Boneman.

The only problem is, most track promoters have the “it’s my way or the high way” attitude. they dont listen! i understand you cannot please everybody, but you cannot be closed minded also! i live in tampa, theres a track to the east and south of me that we will “NEVER” attend ever again do to the t-rex mentality they have. they were right we are happier elsewhere! it’s sad, they dont see what there doing to local sat. night racing… crap rolls down hill, if the owners dont care, nobody else will either. soon there wont be any tracks here. unless someone steps in and stops the downward plunge.

Just my 2 cents…

In my opinion the biggest problem is the racers. Yes, the racers and I am one of them.

Somewhere along the way the racers forgot that this is a HOBBY nobody holds a gun to your head and makes you go to any track. This is still America and if you do not like something you are FREE to go somewhere else and/or build your own track right down the street and put the track that you cant get along with out of business!

Build your own track, with your own money, run it any way you see fit, make your own rules, set your own pricing and chase the American dream.

The “I am owed something” mentality just plain baffles me.

No one owes you a place to race

No one owes you rules you like

No one has to get along with you that is your choice

No one has to pay you to race, thats your choice

About 12 year ago I owned a 1/24 scale slot car race track and the problems dealing with racers is the same as real cars, just smaller cars and less money involved.

I am sure to get bashed on this but it is only an opinion.

Thank you Randy, finally some common sense…do some of you not realize that by hurting your speedway, you’re basically shooting youself in the foot?

Hurting your speedway = no place to race
Hurting your speedway = less value for your racecar
Hurting your speedway = some of you finding a new message board, and
new soapbox to stand on and complain.

Be part of the solution, not part of the problem…

The intent of a drivers advocate is to assist in the communication process which obviously could help the track and drivers.

What your looking for is a union or democracy which neither apply at all. What you want i think in the past depending on the area would be a director of operations.

I would also like to add the folks that call themselves promoters these days are so far from being one it isn’t funny.

racing may be a hobby to some racers , but some racers and others make a living in racing . race shops , fabricators , parts distributers etc , etc . when tracks make bad management choices , it has a trickle down effect throughout the entire community . many , many people have dedicated their lives , families and finances to establish a buisness and earn a living to support their families , directly from local racing . hobby ? to a very small percentage . largely outnumbered by those behind the scenes who seem to be forgotten .

Also part of the problem, when racing was racing guys built their cars themselves, not too many add on parts (which means no race shops, fab shops or suppliers of high dollar RACE PARTS). And local racing is a hobby because i have the receipts for my building and maintaining a car over a 16 yr period and payout to prove it. I didn’t make money. In fact I’m glad i had sponsors or i wouldn’t have done it as long as i did.

sorry dude but 99% of what you just said IS helping kill the sport.

Lots of good points of views.

I think some drivers would not be so pissed off if there was a neutral party to assist in disagreements. There are always three sides to most stories anyway.

owners - drivers

back in the 60’s we had pit stewarts to take problems to.

I think some tracks still have pit stewarts but don’t know if they actually speak for the drivers or not with the owners. But they are there to help.

I would say the majority of local racers aren’t in it for the money and know they probably won’t break even. Yes, we do have race shops that build and maintain cars and some make some pretty good money but most of the guys/gals take care of their own cars. They go out after dinner and work on them giving up some family time for sure. They save to race because money is tight. And all they want is to be treated fairly and honestly and appreciated for their efforts. And all of them would like to see better purses and hopefully someday they will.

The majority of people we are talking about in local racing are just the average Joe except some have alot more money in their pockets than others. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that.

Everyone have a good weekend!!!