now i got an idea listen drivers

so you ain;t happy with the way the owners do it . you say they don’t know what they are doing and you can do it better .

ever bodys got all these ideas - well listen get all your union men and all your genuis - and all them $hit it’s easy to run a race track all you do is open gate and collect the money , have a meeting get all these people to gether pass the hat like they do in church - start collecting some money

i’m sure some of you all got some saved for a rainny day . and there bound to be some with good credit . mortage your house sell your boat get rid of that big car you wife drives - and that 4x4 pick up truck and harley sell all your guns and fishing stuff

now you can fight about what size you want the track to be and were it is going to be don’t worry about it if there are two thousand owners just vote on ever thing

look at all money you will make and you can sell shares – but you will be doing it your way :ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004: