OSW/NSS results

Not sure why the results from last weekend haven’t been put up on KARNAC, but you can find them on SpeedNet Direct… Double figures in all classes at New Smyrna for everything but Late Models… good to see! Boneman finished third again, but this time there were 8 more cars!!!

For You Old Northeast Modified Fans

The latest Old Bridge Speedway Reunion was held on Sunday… Some neat pictures:

  1. Elton Hildreth is still kicking around… Nice restoration of one of his old cars…
  2. Car that was driven by Charlie Lidmar - after sitting for 40 years!!
  3. Fan John Fillimon with a door from one of Bob Malzahn’s Modifieds…
  4. Neat restoration of one of the old XL-1 Mods driven by Joe Kelly…

Wow!!Sorry missed ir boney!! seemes you’re jusy clicking off tose tops 5’s



Hey Dave, yes, nice turnout, thats great, they need it. Do you have any idea how many wrecked in the minis???

tuna fish
Yu are bad. poor litte bone boy.