Fenton's fault!

Reading some of the posts here got me thinking that getting old should be the time to come full circle and return to my first love, Drag Racing! I know, Im to old, to heavy, to slow, and to busy with the “professional” sponsorship deals that keep the “big” boys in their toys on TV but Im also to stupid not to. In that mindset, I uncovered a “barn find” 68 Hemi Dart (a real one) outside of Bishop California and made some delagation of the business to others to free up some time and off I am playing again. Driving the hauler back from a round trip to Griner Engineering (Steve and I went to school together) then to Mosher for the rear end and Kammer racing in Dayton for the bullit this old Florida boy had a lot of time in black ice & snow to curse Fenton for putting the seed in my head with his posts here. Now as I drip dry from another night building this mess into a race car I remember why we all retired to the couch and ESPN. Come to think of it now I ought to thank he and Linda, Kenny and Marshal Faircloth, James and Jeter Nelson, The Wescotts and a slew of others for getting me out of the drivers seat years ago and teaching me the real world of racing. Adrenilin rush is wonderful but the real world is the real people you meet and the aforementioned are, if nothing else, the real deal!

[SIZE=“4”]Kudos to you Jim for keeping your dreams alive, it?s good for the soul.

Be sure to send us some pics of your progress with the Dart if you get a chance.

Hours in the day, and night!

Hey Jim, you remember how it used to be when we were 30 years younger and working on the car all night was fun? Age and a robust waist line give a whole new meaning to brain dead motor head. I find the major difference between the car and the lazy boy is still cubic cash, and arthritis. Maybe the spectators had the right idea? Nah, that just comes with flying home from Dega tonight to be ready for Diehl’s track Saturday night and then with a friends Pro Mod at Bradenton Sunday. Am I gettin to old for this +++t? I hear Pletcher is still racing and will be at Punta Gorda Saturday night so I guess without the FOUR I can root for another of the old antique Sunshine gang. Sometime I’d like to catch up on the rest of you guys Like James & Jeter, Kenny and the rest. Till then, stay healthy and I’ll get some shots emailed to you or posted on here if anyones interested. Gonna be a slow build this winter but at least I wont have to watch television and be bored out of my mind. Of course that assumes I had a mind to begin with. Later Kids, play nice!!

James nelson

will be coming by my shop later to help me with my motor. He is a great man in my book. Can I pass along a message ?

James Nelson

You would be hard pressed to get better help than james. Nice to know hes still bending wrenches and being appreciated for his talents. Wish I had more time tonight but we just went through the 540 in Lenny’s car and are putting her back together after a dyno pull that made 812hp at 6700 and now we need to dial her in for a run to the finals in Bristol. Anyone ever figure out why there are never enough hours in the day to earn a living and race to?

New tall deck dart block arrived for my Road Runner and the internals are here to be stuffed in it so got to run now, Be well all! Katman.