So whats the car count going to be???????

So how big is the car count going to be tonight for the big race tonight at auburndale speedway and who will win it all?:ernaehrung004:

I Got Here At 1pm And There Were Already A Bunch In The Pits… I’m Expecting 25-30… Jason Hogan Is Here With An Absolutely Beautiful Car! I’ll Post Who Is Here A Bit Later…

Jason Hogan…as in the guy who used to run the All-Pro series when it was around? Ain’t he from up north (north Florida/Alabama) somewheres?

According to the list ( ), he’s from Atlanta, GA.

Knew he was from somewheres up north…LOL…Georgia’s north of Florida, right?? LMAO

I’m just wondering why he would travel from Georgia down here to run at Auburndale…unless their season is over up there already, and he’s comin’ dwon to run some end-of-the-year races down here. Maybe Governor’s Cup? I know he’s been at least at the Derby in the past.

late models

25 late models

1 Schofield

2 Campi

3 Russell

Schofield put the bumper on Campi at the end of the race to pass him. Daniel Webster went for a wild ride thru the infield and flipped his car.

$5000 to win and good payout thru the top five will make you drive from Georgia to race… just saying…