OWM and 24ft Freedom V-Nose Trailer

$10,000 takes it all. 2004 race ready OWM w/355 SBC, roller cam, quick change w/extra gears, x-tra springs and shocks, wheels, new body. Has not been on the track this season. Last race at PGS was top 5 qualified and led until “officiated” to the rear. 2007 Freedom trailer with new tires (less than 500 miles on them), lights and wired electrical. Tows like a dream (I pull it behind a 2008 F-150). Want to sell it, but won’t give it away, either. Call Scott @ 813-966-3285 or e-mail me at arvscott@consultant.com


Who built the chassis? Has car been bent or clipped? thanks A.J.

Tom White chassis w/Lefthander geometry. Big Chevy front end. Has not been clipped.

Can you tell me more about the motor and where has the car been raced at? How many races on the car?


Modmini55, you have a pm

More pics

Additional pictures

how much cash money for the trailer
joe 386-956-9777

will you sell the car less motor? Can you give a few details about the age of the Chassis etc…does it have a quick change?


Will not seperate

Trailer will not be sold before car, and will not sell as a roller. This is a turn key, race ready operation.

car price

How much for just the car?

Don’t want to seperate, but…

$8,000 for the car and extra parts with it. $4,000 for the trailer after the car goes, or $10,000 for all of it.

Chassis is a 2004 Tom White chassis according to the previous owner. It has not been clipped front or rear. Has Lefthander geometry and big Chevy front end parts. Has BB/SS set up in it now, with extra springs and shocks to change if you want. EJ Trivette did the most recent set-up on it for Punta Gorda.

Won’t find a better deal. I’ve looked.

Still the best buy on the board.

interested in any trades of any kind ?

Not interested in any trades.

Thanks anyway

Price reduced

$7000 for the car and spare parts.

I sent you a PM

It’s gotta go…

$6500 for the car. $4000 for the trailer. Will consider seperating.

may have some pics of the trailer please. are you in tampa?

thanks, jody

Still available. If not sold before years end, I’m gonna letter it and let the boy race it. Do us both a favor and buy this car. :sprachlos020: