FASCAR points

You know what is wrong with FASCAR’s point system? It rewards attendance over performance. Using the current distribution of 100 points to win, 98 for second and so forth, it is virtually impossible for a fast car to run down and pass even a very slow competitor as far as the points race is concerned. This is even more pronounced with the small fields that we have often had this year.

Here is an example. Consider two drivers: one of them wins the first 5 races of the season, while the other finishes 9’th in all 5 races. The next week, the winner doesn’t show and the other guy finishes 9’th again. Who is leading the points? The guy who finished 9’th for 6 weeks in a row!

Wouldn’t it be great to go back to the old system of 40-36-32 etc? That way, a competitive car could actually run down and pass a field filler. I guess the thinking must be to build car count at the back by giving last place nearly the same points as the winner.

Performance based system

If you were seeking to reward performance you would have a point system that awards one(1) point per car entered.
If you come to the track on a night when there’s 30 cars , and you beat
them all, and win you get 30 points.
If someone else wins the next 3 weeks in a row, but only ten(10) cars show.
They eventually beat 30 cars and they have the same point total.
But… rewarding the guys who show up week after week to put on the show is more important IMO.
This is not a problem with a healthy class. Hopefully when things turn around it will straighten out.

100% They need to go back to the old point system.
I think it’s there way of trying to keep cars in the pits every weekend.
Very selfish of FASCAR if you ask me.:fragend005:

I think they should leave it alone. Why should someone be awarded that does not show up certain races. A true racer will show up every race. Seems like alot of the high dollar guys are the ones that are not showing up. And for you Hinydy man why don’t you move up. Seems like if you can not afford to move up with they way the point format is now you could move up to superstock and maybe run 1 or 2 times a month. oh i guess that would only work with the old point format. Let me guess you still don’t have enough money? Get a sponsor. Remember it is not alway about you!!!

Listen here butt plug bobo! Why should I move up? Is it not right for me to be competitive? Im there almost every weekend,BOTH tracks at that. I never said it was about me, I just understand that the way it is now, makes it harder on the racer. Ive got a super stock in works FYI.

CMP in Lake City,a FASCAR track, uses the 40 point win system and 5 points for the heat win. Seems pretty fair to me, kinda like Ocala a few years ago that started at 50 points for a win and 5 for heats.

i totally agree with william that we should go back to the old point system… if you get wrecked one weekend or blow a motor or anything and you cant get back the next weekend your already behind 90 points what bullshit is that.

if u aint got the time or money , you ought not to be racing in the first place!!

Dear Mr. Backdoor Bob,

Why is it that every post you produce its always negativity, just wondering


[QUOTE=Hired Gun;52728]Dear Mr. Backdoor Bob,

Why is it that every post you produce its always negativity, just wondering



[QUOTE=backdoorbob;52722]if u aint got the time or money , you ought not to be racing in the first place!!

This hasn’t got a damn thing too do about the time nor the money when it comes to being wrecked. Funny thing, maybe a person/crew couldn’t get the parts in time or find the parts in time… Or God forbid a death, marriage (damn near same thing, LOL), an accident, etc. etc. might happen…

One must think of other possible reasons for not being able to make it, not just negativity in any and all aspects.

have a great day all…

Points racing is the most demanding championship to acquire. You may not be the fastest car, but you have to be at the track more than others and you have to maintain your equipment to the highest of standards in order to have good solid finishes as many races as possible. Life sometimes gets in the way of chasing points.

Hats off to points racers ! It’s you guys that support your local track the most.

[QUOTE=backdoorbob;52722]if u aint got the time or money , you ought not to be racing in the first place!!
Nothing against you backdoor but this attitude and bitching because some people don’t live their entire life for racing and don’t or can’t race every weekend doesn’t mean they shouldn’t at all. Son has football game, so you say, sorry son, cant go, gotta race or I wont be allowed in!! can’t afford to race every weekend so stay home? Is that what you’re saying? How about giving everyone a punch card to be punched. signed and dated when you drive through the pit gate. If you weren’t there last week, “Sorry, go home, try again next yr” That would help increase the car count!!! Think it over, Bob!!

Butt plug bobo??? Damn, thats a good one. I’ve been called lots of names on here, some pretty good but that one takes the cake!! No offense backdoor

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