NSS - Open Practice (Thu) 10/21


There is an Open Practice this Thursday (10/21) from 6-10pm. Pit Gates will open at 5pm, track goes green at 6pm.

Cost is $20.00/car and includes 3 people. $5.00 ea. additional person.

All race night rules apply including and especially all Safety Rules.

For information or questions, call 386-427-4129.

Can you pay just to watch if you don’t have a car?

Yes you can watch. Grandstands are open for Free, however it is $5.00 to enter the Pit Area.

Ok, thanks!

Hey jacko241, My opinion? I get almost as much fun watching practice as the race. $5 well spent. I do suggest going in the pits though. i HOPE to be there but not sure, gonna be a grandpa again any min. Just for good will, I’ll leave my tunashirts home!! LOL

Thanks, Tuna! Maybe I’ll see you there!

Are the OWM’s running this weekend? Why didn’t they run last weekend, I thought I saw it on the schedule then when I checked the results it said enduro’s, did I miss something?