chevy 350 block bore 30 over

397010 block $45

is it a 4 bolt & where are you located

does it need machining?

na its a 2 bolt main its .030 over i bought it off someone to build another motor just dont have the money

Do you still have block, if so where you located at

1002 flagler ave edgewater fl 20 miles south of daytona

call me at 321-557-8013

Still have block? if so would like to come take a look at it if possible.

yup still got it 1002 flagler ave egewater fl i wont be home tonight but will be home saturday around noon

ok will try to get down then

just call and let me know when you get close incase im not home 386 6897650

eric give me a call please brian 405 3107

Sorry didn’t make it down we raced tonight and were busy working on car. Still interested in block i have your number now and will call tomorrow if thats ok.

yeah thats fine