Racing Thoughts

I have been on this board for over 4 years.
I got into racing to help out a local racer (purchasing tires) after Rex Guy screwed him over. I purchased a modified and started racing. I enjoy it, love the help from fellow competitors and being around good people.

So… either support racing, start racing, or do something about it or be quiet!

Purses suck yes- but I don’t see tracks getting rich like nascar.
All I ask is for tracks to have a clean track, good facilities and a program that is prompt and on time.
As a car owner give me the stage to perform and let the race be the show!

Bottom Line-Enjoy yourself or go find your bliss somewhere else.

and ill say thanks for you trying to be the fix not the falt.need more like you


I could not agree more.

Rex Guy screwing someone.Thats UNBELIEVABLE he’s such a stand up GUY LOL.