Tonight At Columbia Motor Sports Park [ Fact]

Will Be The Best Show Here Since Robert Hart Bought The Place.the Best Demo Derby They Have Ever Had The Best Boat Race Come On Out And See This Event And Have A Great Time Call 386 752 8811

We’ll be there.And my wife Virginia will be takin’ yo money at the ticket booth…:sprachlos020:

Not If I can help it

Go get em boys…:ernaehrung004:

Well it didnt happen 8 endro cars? 6 boats?
you realey showed us. Great croud .thank Robert or Rick for that they are seasoned promoters.
Keep working at it and u will learn how its done

42 endro cars in the rain 3 weeks ago at Ocala .
dont do it bone mans way.


Tonight At Columbia Motor Sports Park [ Fact]

MOE MOE MOE what happend
Fact 9 endro cars – sad you broke this one
5 roler derby teams --not bad
15 flag pole-- not bad either
6 traler race —that is the one they came to see poor showing.
14 v8 demo bigest count for v8 cars in a long time but that is what u do. u are a demo guy. that is what u told me.

is fact and the truth the same thing
dont feel sorry for Moe he asked for it.

9 cars…that is more than Don had for his famous break-out race, “The Don 100” last year. Remember all the hype? Four cars finished that one. ZZZzzzz…

bone man i saiid that lm race sucked. but fact or truth is what we are talking about here and i will no longer let u lie about things and people for your intertanment. how many cars were there for the endro the way u think it should be done vs the way i think it should be done. I think i ave done apx 2500 races so i sure u can find lots of bad ones. Let me help the worst one ever at CMP USA late model race about 1989 or 90. I have never lived that one down. That is one mistake i never made agin. (FACT)
FACT u have with on experance convenced a new prooter with no experince to do something that was sueaside and wont own up just keep lying to everyone.
Every time u or Moe speak it just smells worse.
score your way 9
score my way 42
truth and fact


Translation please!

As a public service, I will translate Don’s posts into standard english.

FACT u have with on experance convenced a new prooter with no experince to do something that was sueaside and wont own up just keep lying to everyone.

“Fact: you have, with no experience, convinced a new promoter with no experience, to do something that was suicide and won’t take responsibility for it, but continue to lie to everyone.”

You are welcome.

Wow, I thought I was just a fan and participant. Now I see that my cover is blown off. Yes Don, [SIZE=“4”]I [/SIZE]control Crash A Rama! [SIZE=“4”]I [/SIZE]am the one who pulls all the strings! Not only do I control it, but I invented the whole concept! Haha! Now we know who the true power is behind Florida racing!

Would like to have this or any racing discussion on one of thes radio shows ware my handycap wont hinder your thinking.

dont throw me in the bryer patch
bonies best buddy(BBB)

Rex come on face to face don and the bone man. the only wepons will be mikes

Do it Don62


What does all of this negative stuff you seem obsessed with do for racing? Did you forget? You’re the self appointed Sherriff on KARNAC and you’re quote, "If i catch Tuna saying stuff negative to racing I will bring him to task Bring a LOT of your little sheriffs Boney, you can’t do it alone i guarantee. From the personal PM’s I’ve received lately you only have about 3 deputies, little Boneys left. And 1 or 2 are women. Love or hate Don, he has more experience, knowledge AND common sence in his little finger than you have in your entire body. Just my opinion, I’m entitled right? Wether you like it or not!!!

Careful Don, you look like a dog chasing a car. You wouldn’t know what to do with one if you caught it!

I remember one night when you were a guest on a radio show. It was the famous “Big Blow in Bithlo”. The show featured yourself, Frasson118 and a few others for a “round table” discussion of Florida racing. The problem with that night was that ONE of the guests seemed to suck all the air out of the room and never give anyone else a chance to speak. Someone would ask you about the demise of a touring series, and you would give a loooong rambling explaination about the Super 6’s at Auburndale in 1982! How can we be sure that doesn’t happen again?

The last time I was on a radio show, there was one damn mike to be passed around between several guests. That format doesn’t work for me. I’ve got too much to say.

Did you rember that show? after the break i gave the mike to the other gest and there was scilence for a few minits then jack told me to sa some thing.

Me and u 2 mikes time 3 min each or any way u want but no keeboard or mouse

One big difference after the racing at CMP and some of your promoted races Don was “no checks bounced to the drivers”. They were paid in ‘cash’, including my wife at the ticket booth… Estimated 3500 in the stands. The jet car was well worth the show and the rest was just gravy…IMO
Nuff said.

when mark martin came 3 years ago there were 2600 and no parking or seats standing across the entrance. so u got another 900 in there good job or its ot the truth.
Did i wright yur wife a bad check?
If i did was it taken care of .
if your wife was in the ticket booth why did u not tell the truth. If u said 2500 i couldint say a word.
didnt think you would do that
the truth i can live with