Punta Gorda Speedway

The Flagman turned in his resignation yesterday. Who will take his place? Does it really matter , he’s not the one making the calls anyway.

Yeah, since the owner likes to make so many of the calls why don’t he just do the flagging that way we can boo the person making the bad calls directly and not take it out on an innocent party.

Who was the flager???
Was Greg still doing it??
sorry to see him go if it was Greg…

If true the new owners are running off the officials just like they did some of the racecars. Hey maybe his kid will win a race after he runs everyone off. Nope he will still crash.


why not get ahold of flagman,ask him . don’t make up crap.

Not making up anything, talked to an official after the race to find out what was the deal with the bad calls and he told us the owner is the one who got on the radio and put the 5 back up front.

WTG Dave!

it seems like some people are hell bent on ruining PGS! what the hell is that about? i thought we were all trying to save race tracks. too many phonies and all the nasty name calling is not only childish but not in good fellowship…
Kevin isnt perfect by any means but he is working his butt off trying to make PGS a race track we can all be proud of. he has only had the place a few months and it looks like a brand new place. kevin is still in a track owner learning mode and instead of TELLING him how to run his business why not thank him and the people who work so hard with him for all the improvements. as far as kevins errors in judgement he will figure it out. he is frustrated and he is disillusioned. but he will get it right. he is an intelligent hard working man who has operated very successful businesses.
Dave is right. first of all dont listen to rumors. if it doesnt come from his mouth it is a rumor! maybe true but maybe not! lets just be supportive and not endanger this race track!
advice to photographers… please dont publish a photo of a small section of the track devoid of fans and dont take it so early. we have had good turnouts but when you show a pic of an empty area it is misleading. just advice… take it or leave it. the pic this week looked like no one was there. however we had a half decent crowd. not as good as usual but decent.
carolwicks aka oz