LM/Sportsman for sale

jig built 2yr old camaro stock front clip, port city SLM center section, camaro rear leaf spring car. 355 SBC 2 bl motor w/4 speed steel bellhousing w/11in single disc clutch, 9in ford rearend w/extra center sections, 4 wheel disc brakes, custom Butler seat w/belts, car ran as a Sporstman at Orlando can be legal for dirt limited late model or asphalt, new wedge style body needs finsihing, $8,500 complete or $4,000 as roller, have 4 8in wheels also, pit box w/cover for sale, carries 2 nitrogen tanks $800. 16ft trailer w/tire rack & winch $1,200. package deal for everything including golf cart if interested, Call Mike mon-fri 9-5 at work 239-597-2908 after 6 & weekends 239-248-8337

do you have any more pics??? where is the car located??

Yes, what pictures do you want to see? I’m in Naples.

Price reduced

Seeing other ads on here new price- $2,500 for roller, (the Butler seat cost me $1,500) $4,000 for motor & tranny Call me!!

trade you race ready super stock for ur sportman without motor

Any more pics?

is is the super stock

untitled.bmp (63.6 KB)

Need to sale, sorry no trades. Tell what other pictures you want and I’ll get em.

Under hood and rear end inside car pics thank you

That pretty much does it.

OK, will have pics on here monday,

The best you can do for just the car with motor?

will sale for $5,500. here’s the other pictures

Circledude check your pm I sent one

sorry didn’t get it call me if you can

Car was sold, buyer came up short on money. Will sell complete car with trailer for $6,000. same deal I had with prior buyer. Call Mike

what about the 4cyl. you we’re biulding

TinyTim- maybe, I’m trying not to sale it, its so cheap and fun to race its all I can afford to do right now, plus I have a little more money in this one so I would have to get more for it if I were to sell it, are you interested in it? Call me if you are, Mike

do you still have this car where can i see it whats bottom $

could u call me if this is still 4 sale 561-351-0409