'84 Monte Carlo

I have an '84 monte carlo complete suspension less rear end, has a four- point roll cage, gutted, and is ready to be built.

Call with reasonable offers 386-956-9777 or j.belkey119@yahoo.com

how much you want for it would you be intrested in any trades i got a 357 mag revolver smith and wesson stainless steal

SEND PICS TO j.belkey119@yahoo.com

wonder where i could come look at the car

deleon springs about 5 mins from vsp…call me for more info anytime 3869569777

Is this your cell 3869569777 if so i will send pic of gun

car is still for sell call with offers and trades…3869569777

still for sale??

yes sir still for sale

several calls and no buyers call me and i will make whom ever a hell of a deal…joe 386 956 9777

still for sale??

hey joe call me i am interested
jeff white 352-357-5650