Racing headlines for November, 2010

Speedworld takes a night off on Oct. 29, the car count decreases only slightly

?Florida Video? Bob returns to Sunshine Speedway to capture the action of the tollbooth testing

Jerry Binner?s new creation debuts at Frassapoloza: ?Amsoil and Lugnut Chili? amazes his guests

Cooperating speedway owners name their new LM series ?FASTER? (Forget About Saving Tracks, Exasperate Racers!)

The owners of the FAST LM series buy and reopen St. Augustine, Bronson and USA Speedways

How I wish I could tell my joke about the Halloween Spooktacular?.

Two Mini Stocks at SpeedWorld - Boneman doesn’t have his car there, but runs onto the track, does a lap on the Bandolero track and finishes third again!

That is an easy 96 points!

Rex I was up there at Sunshine taking pictures of toll booth testing and a gaurd ran me off. I seem to get run off alot !!!

When was this? How come I haven’t heard anything about this?

That FAST group is on a tear - I heard they are looking to re-open the DeLand drive-in raceway. A few well-timed foreclosures and they are in…