What a great send off for "BIG AL Neuman".

Yesterday was just another reminder how important life and friendship truly is. We are only here for just a very short time. “BIG AL’s” send off was packed. The family, along with Mickey and Danny Anderson, had Al’s black number 4 Ford Race Truck sitting outside next to the dove box for everyone to sign the hood. The church was full with so many people that just wanted to say goodbye. There were many people that e-mailed or called expressing their sympathy, but could not make it. The churches altar was filled with memories. Family pictures of many of the great times they had together. His driver?s suit, helmet, and gloves stood ready to get in the “HOT ROD” one more time. These memories and tears where shared by all.
I would like to thank Kevin Williams and Mike Chase for allowing us to have a Memorial Race at Punta Gorda Speedway as a tribute to “BIG AL”. This race isn’t about any one race track or series. It’s about saying good-bye to a true racer and friend. Al won his first truck race at Punta Gorda back when it was the America Race Truck Series. It seems only fitting to say “Thanks for the Memories” where it began. Mickey, Danny, and I want this to be a fitting tribute to our friend. The memorial race will be held November 13. It will be a 50 lap Pro Truck Race. Mickey will be driving the #4 black truck in the race (Mickey has been Al?s friend for over 30 year and will carry on in his team mate?s memory). If you a have any ideas how we can make this tribute more special, please write and let us know.
?BIG AL, we will miss you and never forget you?.