One for the Drag Racers

[SIZE=“4”]I know there are a few straight-in-line guys that hang
around this board so I thought I?d through this old shot
of a Drag Bike Racer up here and see if anyone knows who he is.

This photo was mixed in with a packet of old stock-car
photos that were given to me some time back.

I?m told it was taken at Sunshine Dragway but the background
looks more like the old Twin City Dragway to me that used to
be up on South Mobley Road in Oldsmar.

The photo is dated March, 1962, on the back.

The rider actually looks very familiar to me but I
have no idea who he is.

I do know one thing.

I know a few guys that would give their left testicle now
for that old Harley Drag Bike with the twin Webers and all
but if I had to pick between the two, I think I?d rather have
that old Cushman Silver-Eagle sitting in the background.

I have a friend that has a pristine Silver-Eagle in his collection
and I might be wrong but I?d wager that it would bring more at
auction in this day & time than that old Harley.


I have read the whole post and it is really very amazing.