Sportsman 50 Laps this Saturday at Punta Gorda Speedway

This Sat night the Sportsman 50 at Punta Gorda Speedway. All Sportsman cars will qualify and than be introduced in front of the fans before we go 50 laps. There is a $50.00 entry fee with $750.00 to win. Goodyear 8" treaded race tires only. This is the first of two 50 lappers this month so lets finish the season with a BANG!!! Also its Perfect Pest Control Night with Legends Cars going for $300.00 to win, Super Stocks, Pro 4, Fab 4, Mini Stocks, Road Warriors, Bandolero and Cowboy Cadillac’s. Call the speedway office at 941-575-7223 for a slab. Rules or tech questions call Bobby Kykendall at 941-627-0592. Thanks for supporting PGS!!

Greg Roeback
Team Punta Gorda Speedway

I will be there. Now a short story followed by a question for PGS I am Mathew Dunn and other than watching my uncles race i really have no experience. I have recently purchased a Sportsman chassis and is currently working on a engine for it in the mean i have spoken w/ few sportsman class drivers and they basicly told me i was nuts!! I would have to agree and considering how much money i have spent on and put in to this chassis and engine when i havent even hit a wall yet (or a fellow Driver) I am going to finish the car get it race ready and set it aside. By the same drivers who told me i was nuts recommended i start with a pure stock a decently competitive class that is fairly cheap, road warriors was a thought! but they are to reckless to be competitive( I am not knocking road warriors you all put on a great show). i am still debating on that but now to the question i see you only have the pure stocks race like once every two months is that going to pick up in the near future or is there not enough pure stocks that race? i would like to race mainly at PGS. thank you for your time

Matthew Dunn#9