Happy Birthday Jane!!!!

Happy Birthday!!! I know things are rough right now but hang in there. Things will have to get better!


i agree with Cara. things will get better. I believe God gives us challenges to see how we handle them and to make us appreciate things when they are going good. You have had more than your share of challenges so I hope after your surgery you are up and dancing the Irish jig! i also hope they take away all of Alex’s pain. when our kids hurt, we hurt!
But for today you just sit back and enjoy the day hope its a happy one and hope your kids realize what a wonderful loving Mom they have and they make it special.
much love

Happy Birthday ! Hope you have a great day.

Thanks Guys. All I want for my birthday is to somehow pay my electric bill so we have power. Isn’t that crazy for a birthday wish but that is my wish. Otherwise my son Josh, he is the 27 year old, has his friends cooking for me today. Seems like I am everyone’s second mom and they want to give me a bbq.

But thank you so much for the wishes.

Love, Jane