Top 10 Central Florida Newspaper Headlines From The Election

  1. Sink Sunk
  2. Meek Will Not Inherit Earth - Or a Place in Washington
  3. Posey’s “A Race Car in Every Garage” Theme Earns Landslide Victory
  4. Charlie Christ Hired as New Flagman at Punta Gorda Speedway
  5. Sink Stopped
  6. Marco Rubio Hires Andy Sandall as Speech Writer - Expect Really LOOONG Speeches
  7. Nancy Pelosi Blames Republican Take-over on “That Boneman Guy in Florida”
  8. After Beating Grayson Daniel Webster Says “It’s On To New Smyrna With #33 To Win the Governor’s Cup”
  9. Roland Via Ousted as Holly Hill Mayor - Will Challenge Keeler To Get Old New Smyrna Announce Job Back
  10. Florida Elects First Bald Governor - The “Scofield Look” Takes Over Tallahassee


now that was pretty funny dave!


Wish I had that imagination!!! Good Dave, bet you can guess which one I agree with the most!!!