Sorry Boneman Pink Is Taken In The First Ever Fwd Team Demo Nov 26 Orlando Speedworld

Maybe purple and you can team with Ray.:ernaehrung004:

Team Moe is still using the rainbow theme, right?

rainbow moe.jpg


You Get Most Things Right But Not This

Boneman I would not take a color that represents another group and what Don and his sidekick use as a color is there thing it does fit them,:slight_smile:

Boneman, That looks just like Moe’s car. I’ll team with you and kick some ass. Ray #62

Welcome Ray

Ray we would love to have you at CRASH A RAMA series. START PAINTING and that was the sidekicks paint job but boneman forgot to put a poodle on it.:ernaehrung004:

Need Some More

Nine teams so far not to bad,need more call for colors. THANKS moe:ernaehrung004: