Ford Sportsman

I have for sale a ford sportsman fusion body

Would like to sell as a roller.

Car is a torino stub, adjustable uppers with tubular control arms
choice of 1 1/4 sway bar or 1.5"
choice of any spring combo, big spring front small spring rear, can use big springs on rear as well.
I plan to sell as a true roller, less the car has on it the better deal we can make, and I can leave as much on the car as you are willing to pay for Body looks great.

please give me your email, im having trouble loading pictures, I will send all the pics you want, make offers too. Ill start it off at 2500 minus drive train.

pics to

sent, give me your number and I can take pictures with the phone and send you a close up of what you want to see tomorrow! If you want, email me your number.

Any offers? I can send pictures to your email, the site wont load them from my pc. 1500 for bare car with body,fuel cell, brakes and plumbing. come get it.

Please send pics to;

pics sent.


send pictures to


Pics please

sent keo and waterman

guess its going to scrap yard

Please send pics to

sent to email

1500, complete body, rearend, choice of springs,shocks, steering quickiner, radiator, brake plumbing, come get it.

please send pics to and where are you located? would like to come see the car

send me pics and Ill post them for you

Update, will sell as a true roller, no goodies, no gear, no shocks,etc. just the car body,plumbing,fuel cell, and a few other items, $1500


here some pics of car

any trades? still for sale or trade

Will sell for 1250 just the car and very few accessories