Pletcher Modified 2006

This is the 2nd to last one built by Dave Pletcher in 2006 before he sold his Buisiness. It is currently race ready and will be ran in the 2nd annual Eddie Brann race at Citrus County on Dec. 11th unless sold before then. It has a quick change rear not 9 inch. Ran at Citrus all of 2009. Hit races at Citrus periodically this year. Would like to sell as roller for $7,500 O.B.O. If you want it race ready we can negotiate. Call me @ 727-463-6336 to come see this great looking fast car.


To clarify. . . I am pulling the motor only. Everything else goes with car. Call if interested in making a deal.

I will not be racing this in the Eddie Brann race. I purchased a sportsman instead. Looking for a reasonable offer to clear shop space now. Car comes with spare wheels/tires. Has 5.5 clutch, and muncie trans. I have multiple gears for quick change, come look and buy full package, or we can negotiate what you want. 727-463-6336

Really need shop space. Call or email if you have cash and are ready to purchase.

To the top. . . . . . seeking reasonable offers, going into storage.

do u have any pictures of the chassis upclose. need to look at pick up points.

What specifically do you want photos of? I will make sure you see exactly what you need to.

Would you be interested trading car for another sportsman roller?

To the top…roller $6,000 727-463-6336

front clip

Front clip is big GM Cadillac,

Some more pics

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